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Friday, September 11, 2015

Baby Lisi’s Fashion Shows Around the World!

Now you have the chance to take a glimpse of Baby Lisi’s Fashion Show Around the World and you will be amazed to be honest! 

Darling Baby Lisi is traveling from country to country and participates in Fashion Shows but that is not all.

She enjoys every second of it! First of all Baby Lisi, her mother and Baby brother Jo are visiting China and they are going in store with traditional clothing so Baby Lisi can choose one for the walk on the runway.

When the player is playing, he is the one who decides if he’ll choose the “Like” or “Dislike” button when Lisi tries the clothes.

After choosing the right outfit, Lisi walks the runway and afterwards visits China’s Great Wall together with her family.

Next country on the list is India! The player is choosing the perfect sari for the Fashion Show and then Lisi and her family are visiting the Taj Mahal Palace where they are cooling down by eating ice cream.

They all together get along very well and have fun! Baby Jo also gets the chance to try each country’s outfit and he looks so cute! 

The next stop is Egypt where Baby Lisi has the chance to try ancient Egyptian clothes and then visit the great Pyramids. How does that sound kids? I’d say incredible!

The final stop on the list is America. Baby Lisi tries clothes in the store together with her brother Jo and after they walk the runway they are visiting the Statue of Liberty where they are eating yummy ice cream.

Traveling around the world is fun, because you can see so many different traditions, structures, clothes and much more! 

My advice to all: If you have a chance to travel, don’t let that opportunity to escape. Travel and you will see the world with different eyes.

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