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Friday, December 25, 2015

Baby Ariel and Flounder Kids Game!

Baby Ariel Fish is such a cute game for little girls in which the kids can learn that they need to take care of animals. 

For example, Flounder who is friend of Baby Ariel got hurt and when you start playing this game he shows up covered in filth, with bruises and spines on him. 

First you have to take off the spines, then put medicine on the places he is cut and finally wash him.

The second scene of the game is little maze and your job is to find the right path and unite these best friends.

After that, do Ariel and Flounder makeover by experimenting with colors and trust me when I say that the combinations are just so vivid. 

Just look at the pictures! Baby Ariel and Flounder look amazing! 

The final scene of this baby game is the part where you are taking the role of Plumber and collecting stars in the ocean. But be careful of the pointed rocks! Have fun kids!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Elf Delivery - Driving Game for little kids!

If you want to help Santa deliver presents to the children then this is the game for you my dear kiddos! I was just playing this Christmas driving game and to be honest it was really fun!

Driving Santa’s truck with two trailers is challenging. You must wonder "Why?". 

That is because you have to keep distance between the truck and the trailers or the presents will bounce out of trailers and the children will be left without presents.

The minimum number of presents you can deliver is 12 or you lose the game, therefore be careful as you drive and use the arrow keys to balance the truck. Are you willing to try Christmas Elf Delivery? Then go ahead and be the elf you’re supposed to be! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Your White Pony Adventure!

Hi kids! Today i have decided to write this little blog about one of the cutest animals alive, which by the way you really adore, and those are little horses named pony.

White Pony Adventure is game for little kids, especially girls, who want to take care of their cute pet.

In this game first of all you can see that your pony is very filthy because it has been playing in the mud, therefore your job is to clean all that mud with soap and fresh water.


After the cleaning, you have to dry the pony with clean dry towel. But now there is another problem kids! Now the pony is hungry! Do you know what you have to do? Of course you do!  You have to harvest grains and give them to the pony. After you do that it is time for playing! 


Your white pony needs to jump over obstacles which are placed on the ground and you have to help the pony by clicking on the mouse at the exact time when the pony needs to jump. Fun right? Hope you enjoy as much as i did kids!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Meet Baby Panda!

Today kids you have the chance to meet our new Baby Panda and see how fun she is! Before we start with our game, I would like to tell all of you a little bit about Pandas habitat.

Pandas live in the wild in mountainous regions in central China where the humidity is on high level. The bamboo forests are perfect for Pandas needs because they simply love bamboos.

Well this is the little information about these amazing animals, however if you want to know more about Pandas, you can check out the link here and read:

Now, our little Baby Panda is so cute and wants to have fun, as we all do, right? You can see that if you pinch the panda on the ear, on the feet, the stomach, she is making funny faces and noises!

You can also entertain the baby panda by playing games with ball, by bathing her with various showering gels and creams and by giving her food.


Baby Panda also likes milk, so before making her bed, give her milk and then choose the design of the bed. To play Baby Panda Bathing game for kids, just click here: and if you want to watch walkthrough go on:

Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Baby Hazel!

Hi kids! Since today is Thanksgiving Day, this cute little girl wants to prepare for the celebration and if you decide to play this kids game, you won’t regret it. 

                                                                                                                                                            Just by seeing Hazel’s adorable smile, your day will be better! Now, this game is for little girls and preschoolers who love Thanksgiving and dressing up!

                                                                                                                                                      Hazel’s mom is busy with festive preparations and you need to help Baby Hazel by choosing amazing dresses with pumpkin and turkey details. Follow Baby Hazel’s advice and I’m sure that she will turn out just perfect!

After choosing a festive dress it is time for the makeover! Yay! Help Baby Hazel apply makeup including mascara, blush, eye shadow, lipstick and eyeliner!


After that it is time to add earrings, necklace and hair band. Now darling Hazel is all prepared for Thanksgiving dinner and she looks dazzling! 

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Baby Lisi Santa Claus Prepare

The preparations have already begun my dear kiddos and if you have doubt of what I am talking about, let me clear the air. Baby Lisi is preparing for Christmas! Hurray!

What an amazing holiday this is, right? We love Christmas and New Year but what is all that without Santa Claus?

Well Santa brings the Christmas spirit and this year Santa is running late. Shame on him! But no worries, this is the part where Baby Lisi steps in.


Yes, you've heard well kids. Baby Lisi is helping Santa to prepare for the holidays and guess what she is doing? First of all Lisi Is washing Santa’s beard and dries it with hair drier.


After that she trim’s Santa Claus’s beard. How different does he looks right?. Not it is time to cut his hair! Wow! What a transformation!


So now let’s clean Santa’s teeth. They are so filthy. Kids, this has to be a lection for you. You must clean your teeth before going to sleep and when you wake up in the morning. 

That is how you will have clean teeth all the time. Look how bright shine Santa’s teeth now!

Now my dear kids has come the part where we have to pick festive traditional clothing for our dear Santa and you can choose whichever you like. We have chosen the red one! 

Since we're done choosing costume and accessories, the game finishes with the part where you have to drag and drop the objects on the correct place.

At this moment Santa is ready to go and give presents to the children all around the world. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Baby Lisi and Friends in Fantasy of Zombie Land

When Halloween comes the children get super excited because they can transform themselves in creepy creatures of super heroes and no one can even know who stands behind that mask. Well, Baby Lisi is no exception.

Today we are traveling to Zombie Land together with Baby Lisi, Lily and John but first let’s find a suitable scary costume for our darling Lisi. 

From the costumes you have a chance to pick fun characters like zombie nurse, two face pirate, a witch and more! You can add hats, insects, and creepy accessories to make the costume more interesting.

After the dressing is finished, Baby Lisi, John and Lily travel to the fantasy of Zombie Land!

There they enter three doors and inside each door there are scary things like boxes with ghosts, chests with sceletons, black cats, mummies and the list goes on!

You can see it for yourself from the pictures and the gameplay below how incredible these children look when they are transformed into scary characters.

This is truly adventurous Halloween game which is fun for kids. We hope that you will find it enjoyable. 

Checkout our site and see more new free online kids games anytime!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Baby Lisi and her Family Party!

The family party is on today my dear kiddos and if you want you too can participate in it, all you have to do is visit our page and play our Baby Lisi Family Party Game.

You have plenty of choices kids! Now, the Family Party starts in the backyard where Lisi is there with her baby brother Jo and her mother.

The kids want to play in the pool so Lisi’s mother is applying sun protection cream on their faces and body. The children put swimsuits and the fun begins!


After that it is time to visit the city park where Lisi and Jo play on different swings, slides, cars and since they got hungry it is time for refreshing drinks and delicious pizza!!! The family is gathered and they are eating and drinking together. Yummy!

But the party doesn’t stop. More slides, swings, trampolines in the city park with Baby Lisi and Baby Jo! They  are so happy because they are playing with these toys.

The time for playing toys has ended, so the time for ice cream has come! Baby Lisi is bringing treats to mommy, daddy and baby Jo. Isn’t she amazing? Hope you’ve enjoyed this kids game all!