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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dora And Unicorn Game - Dora Games For Kids

The games with Dora are amongst the most popular and favorite games for little kids. She is also known as Dora the Explorer because of her journeys throughout the world, discovering new things and sharing them with the kids. Very cute Dora with a backpack can teach you many things which is why the kids love to play and travel with her. In this game Dora is taking you in a fantasy land called Candyland. Now I know I have your undivided attention because Candyland means candies and we all just love candies don’t we? She is riding a Unicorn, a creature from the legends and her task is to collect candies. This is a very simple game for little kids. Collect as many candies as you can but also watch out and try to avoid some obstacles on the way.

Play Free Online Dora And Unicorn Game -Free Dora Games For Kids

You can jump using the space bar and not fall into the abyss and all the way there are candies of all kinds and colors. The more candies you collect the score gets higher and that means that you can buy new things for Dora and her Unicorn, like new clothes, different accessories and you can even change the color of the Unicorn.
Simple as that. The simplicity is what makes this game irresistible to play and of course I don’t have to mention the candies…So GIDDY UP my precious ones, take a wild ride into the land of candies and leave nothing behind you… clear all the sweet and delicious treats.

For More Dora The Explorer games!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What’s for Dinner? Kids, Girls Food Game

Now this is a serious cooking game. I mean really, really serious. You have to master all your cooking skills, organizational skills, you have to be precise and fast and of course creative. How does that sounds? Attractive and challenging for sure. Cooking is art, you are aware of that fact, so let’s start creating a masterpiece, shall we?

Play What’s for Dinner 2 online girls cooking game!

You have a menu on your disposal as a weekly challenge, choose whatever you like to cook and conquer the kitchen. You can make the Greek or Caesar Salad, or a mushroom soup, spaghetti Carbonara or the irresistible Pollo Pizza. There is also a Salmon with Chips and Mushroom Risotto. Pick your favorite meal and prepare yourself for a nice chopping and slicing.
After choosing the menu for dinner, you have to follow very carefully the given instructions. Cut the lemons, slice the onion, pour the flour-the magic of mixing ingredients has begun. Add some salt and pepper spice the food, start the oven, choose the right temperature and do some cooking.
Do exactly as the instructions require, be on time, otherwise there goes your dinner-burnt or not cooked properly.
As I said earlier this is a serious cooking game, irresistible to play and what's more important is that you learn about food. You learn about vegetables and spices; you learn how to cook meat or fish. Also you learn how to make salads or a delicious desert. Did I mention the Pizza, never forget about the Pizza. And how about the famous Italian pasta? So, as you see there is a great variety of food you can cook, a great variety of international meals you can learn to make yourself.
What is the greatest benefit of this game is learning to mix the different ingredients and creating a superb meal that no one would resist.
Although it looks like this game is all about learning something, believe me it will bring you a great pleasure playing it, you will enjoy every second of it.
So, Master Chef, chop-chop, do some magic in your kitchen, impress your family and friends with the meals they could never imagine to taste.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Your Favorite Princess Online Girls Game

Here we are again in the Land of Fantasy, fairy tales, princes and princesses. The only place where you are free to do whatever you want and to become whoever you want. The place where again your imagination and creativity are the only “weapon” you need. This is a great makeover game for girls where your only task is to make the already beautiful Princess look even more beautiful. Can it be done? Of course it can be done. Just like a magician using his magic wand, use the enclosed“girl’s necessities” and start with the makeover. Before you start the makeover be free to invent a story or an event where your Favorite Princess is a main character and you have to make her look ravishing and breathtaking.
So, let’s start with “Once upon upon a time in a Kingdom not far away, there lived a Princess with her father the King and her mother the Queen. She was a very beautiful and a happy Princess. One day the King decided to organize a ball and to invite many guests. A gorgeous Prince is also invited and the Princess of course wants to be the most glamorous girl there.” You can now begin your magic makeover process by choosing the most suitable color and hair style. After that it is easy to combine everything else. You have an excellent choice of makeup, eye-shadow, eyelashes, rouge and lipstick. Also you can change the color of her eyes. There is also a very unique and delicate jewelry at your disposal. Choose the matching earrings, necklace and finally the most wonderful dress. The Princess is all dressed up and ready to capture the heart of the young Prince.

What I like most about makeover games is that there aren’t any limits to your creativity and inventiveness; you can use every possible combination you like and again have the most beautiful creations that are yours and only yours. I really do recommend these games for young girls to play simply because of the benefits they gain - creativity, inventiveness and imagination. Like any other fairy tale we have a happy ending with the most common finishing line- “They lived happily ever after”.

Play Your Favorite Princess online girls game

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Princess on White Horse Game For little girls review

It’s high time for some quality time between us, girls don’t you think? Mother Nature has granted the girls with wild imagination, great affection toward fairy tales and of course a special love for wardrobe, accessories, fashion details, make up, shoes… do I have to go on? It’s all girls’ stuff. And why not use that imagination to create something beautiful? This game is the right game for accomplishing that.

Play Princess on White Horse online game for little girls!!

Create and combine. Dress up the beautiful Princess on a white horse. All you have to do is to turn your imagination on the highest possible level and start creating. Maybe you would start with the Princess's hair. Try the different colors and hairstyle; choose the one you like the most. Then go on by trying the most wonderful dresses offered. Make the perfect combination, synchronize the color of the dress with the jewelry and then match everything with the most appropriate shoes that you think. Do not stay only on one combination, try everything, and be free to experiment, make the Princess shine. Exciting, isn’t it? And this is not the end. The Princess looks lovely with the creation you made but what about her horse? See how cute it is all white and white? White is a good color but a little boring, I am sure you will agree with me. Well, we cannot allow that to happen. You can also make the horse look fantastic too. Change the color of the horse’s mane. The choice of colors is extraordinarily interesting.

Also you can change the color of the eyes, the reins and even the tail. Oh, yes, I know how you feel-excited and eager to try all the possible combinations you can make. So, go ahead, do it-unleash your imagination and creativity to infinity, fill your world with lively colors and wonderful creations. Be the one that makes everything and everyone beautiful, make your fantasy come true and believe me the world will be a great place to live.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Pet Shop - Funny Kitty, Puppy Dress up, Bathing game for little kids

Play Pet Shop little kids game!!

Extraordinary game for kids. When I say this I really mean extraordinary for many reasons. In the process of growing up, at a certain age every kid wanted to have a pet. A dog, a cat, a fish or a bird, even some exotic animal. The reason for this was mainly because a certain animal looked cute and was fun to play with. What we all didn’t understand at that time was that having a pet means a great responsibility. This game is the right game to teach our kids about responsibility. Although here the choice is narrowed between a cat and a dog, first you must choose your favorite pet. Then you must take care of it. What does a pet need beside your unconditional love?

Well my sweet ones, as every other living creature it needs to be washed, needs to be fed and sometimes needs to be dressed .
So, go ahead choose your pet, give it a nice bubbly bath, dry it with a towel, comb its soft fur… you even have e deodorant. Then you must feed your pet. Here you have various foods and you know which food is good for your pet. At the end of the feeding process don’t forget to give your pet a nice bowl of water, they get thirsty too you know. Finally there is a colorful wardrobe for your pet. Dress it up so it will be the cutest pet in the whole world. You see, now you are a responsible person and your pet is satisfied, the unbreakable bond of love is established.

Responsibility is not the only thing you will gain from this game. Creativity is something you also learn by making a various combinations from the pets wardrobe, be free to make the most adorable combinations and you both will be very happy.

Finally the most important thing you will learn from this game is to value and respect life, whether it is a human being, or an animal, an insect or a plant. Life is precious and I highly recommend that when your kids ask for a pet be sure to get them a pet, a real one or a virtual one like the ones in this game, you won’t be sorry. Play this game, learn a lot and have a great time with your pet.

Rolly Stone Age - Mammoth Rescue Review

Play Rolly Stone Age Game

This is a perfect time for a travel through history. We have been in space saving our Space Hero; we’ve been in our time chasing the thieves, now we go back at the very beginning – the Stone Age. The age where all tools were made of stone, the age of the cavemen and mammoths. The age where the wheel was discovered and of course used in our game.

Cavemen were the people back then who lived in caves because there were no houses and mammoths were those strange animals that looked like elephants and lived only in the Stone Age. Ok, enough of history lessons, after all we have seen the Ice Age cartoon and we’ve seen the mammoth. Let’s play our game. This is again a great logic and strategy game, where you have a mission to save the mammoth from the cavemen. So your logical deduction is tempted again, your organizational skills also and of course your quick thinking. You have to remove very unusual obstacles, of course made of stone and save the mammoths from the cavemen.

There are 24 levels, 24 stone constructions where our mammoth or in some levels mammoths are trapped and you have to reorganize and rearrange the objects so that the animals are safe. Looks like an easy task but you have to think and act very fast and every new level is a new challenge which makes this game very popular and extremely interesting to play.

The mammoth are saved when the cavemen are pushed into the holes or pinned on a spike. Although it looks little cruel always have in mind that it is only a game and nothing is real except your logic skills and speed. Don’t be afraid, play the game and enjoy saving the prehistoric animal.