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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Be The Logic Hero in Put in Jail Online Game

Play Put in Jail

Spooky town… no one around… darkness… the only light is the moonlight… Pretty scary. Wait!!!There is somebody… some strange character is lurking from somewhere… and is wearing a mask. Who can that be? And then the only logical answer comes to your mind.

It’s a thief and we know what the thief is doing. He is waiting in the night for his victim to come around and to rob .Being robbed by the thief is not a pleasant experience at all, it’s frightful and the victim ends up without a wallet or any other valuable possession. Now, don’t be afraid because you will be the hero who will put away the thief in jail.

This game is in fact very interesting and exciting where again your tactical skills will be at test. The object of the game is to put away the thief or in some levels the thieves in jail by removing some objects on the way. You will find a very strange constructions and your task is to reconstruct them so that the thieves will be literally pushed and rolled down in prison. Sometimes the strategy is essential to accomplish the mission but sometimes you have to be very fast and remove objects in time so that our villains are put away where they belong.

What is quite interesting in this game is that although the start looks a bit scary, playing it level by level, you will find yourself laughing, totally enjoying and feeling good after putting away the funny looking thieves. The music and the sound effects only make this game most unusual and most attractive, trust me I know. Fighting the crime and being a good guy or a good girl is a great feeling. In the eternal fight between good and evil always be on the right side-on the good side because my lovely ones CRIME DOESEN’T PAY and our thieves must learn that lesson. So help them, put them away and of course enjoy the game.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Learn Count to 10 with Bear and Friends for Kids

Do we all remember when the first time we started counting was? When was the first time we saw numbers and when was the first time we understood what numbers mean?

I guess the first time was in an early childhood, when somebody asked how old we are and we shoved 3 little fingers like “Hey I am three years old, can’t you count to three?”

To this day the easiest way for kids to count and to remember the numbers is by using their fingers. Maybe the best age to start teaching the kids about numbers at first from 1-10 is at the age of three. But what is the best way to teach them except by counting with the fingers? Of course the best way is to tell them a story, an interesting, imaginative story that will intrigue the kids, arouse their curiosity and eagerness to learn more.

Well, this educational video is by all means the right tool to teach your kids to count to ten in the funniest possible way. Of course don’t just run the video and leave the children alone to watch and repeat after the bear. No, no and no. Dear parents, tell them a story, animate them. Start with:

“Once upon a time, there was a magical forest .There lived the happiest and the cutest animals like a bear, a funny rabbit, a fox, an owl and a baby hedgehog. One day the bear felt hungry for pears and he decided to shake the tree and to collect 10 pears in his basket. He punched the tree and there came one pear. From some corner appears the funny rabbit with a board where the number of the collected pears is written. And so the counting started. One pear, two pears, three pears….repeat after the bear and every time a pear is collected you see the happy faces of the rabbit and the fox. Only the owl is a little bit upset because the tree the bear is shaking is his home. Finally the ten pears are in the basket and the bear is happy. But…. hey… there is a great surprise in the basket. A cute baby hedgehog was in the basket, ate all the pears and was crying for more. Of course because the forest was rich with trees and pears there was enough for the hungry little hedgehog and for all the animals. So everybody was happy.”

My dear parents, allow your kids to give the names to the animals, it would make the learning process easier and funnier.

The video is so simple but very educative. Not only that your kid will learn the numbers but also they’ll learn about an animals living in the forest, they will learn about pears like a very tasty fruit…and so their curiosity will be so much intrigued that you must be prepared to answer a lot of questions.

Join forces, parents and kids, be inventive, tell a story and teach at the same time, your kids will love to learn and have fun along the learning process.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Space Hero Online Game - Logic fun for all ages by BOKGames

Play Space Hero Logic Game

Space…the final frontier…these are the voyages of the starship Enterprise...No, no, this is not a new “Star Trek” episode. This is a story about our Space Hero and his saga traveling through space and time. He was on the mission but somehow he got stuck out in space and he had to go back to his spaceship to finish his tasks. He is floating out in space, surrounded by stars, planets, comets. Dressed in space suit our Hero looks like a character from the comic books.

In this space and puzzle game our Space Hero needs to overcome some obstacles in order to get back to his ship. Although it looks easy, each level requires good thinking and turning on your little brain cells to find a logical solution to solve the problems.

There are very interesting obstacles on an unusual places and the final mission is to remove them in correct order so that our Hero can roll into the spaceship.

As you move higher each level, some puzzles that look like they are easy to solve are not that easy and some that at first look you may find them hard to solve are actually very simple. That is what makes this game most interesting and exciting with unexpected elements and results.

The electronic music is creating the atmosphere like you are really out in space floating with the stars.
I know you will enjoy this game greatly. So go ahead, use your logics and help our Space Hero.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Moustachini The Rabbit Show Man Funny Shooting Game for Kids

Play Moustachini The Rabbit Showman

This is just the right time for some magic. We all love the circus but what we all anticipated with great excitement was the Magician and his magic tricks. At some stage of our childhood we all wanted to be magicians and do the tricks that no one would discover how they were done. Magic hat ,magic wand, magic boxes where people disappear…Oh, yes that was something we all wanted to do, boys and girls equally, dressed up in magical gowns with pointy hats..

Well this game is a dream comes true. Moustachini the Rabbit Showman is the magician in the circus and he has a rabbits in his hat. Not only that-he uses the rabbits to collect stars by shooting with them. How funny is that!!! Your task is to help him collect as many golden stars as you can. 

This shooting game consist 20 levels where not only you are shooting the rabbits but also solving puzzles on the way. Every level is a new puzzle and you must find a way to shoot a rabbit in the right direction in order to collect the golden stars. It wouldn’t be interesting if you just shoot and collect. There are some obstacles you have to pass like gift boxes, big balls, some pipes…Use the magic hat to aim at the stars and shoot.

Do not be intimidated by the serious look on the Moustachini’s face, he is just dressed funny and he needs all the help he can get. What are also very amusing in this game are the bunny rabbits…just look at their faces. They look stunned, the way they fly over and all that followed by the music suitable for the circus show.
So, grab the magic wand, aim the magic hat and ABRACADBRA….

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Logic Tom And Jerry Rig A Bridge Kids Game Review

Play Tom And Jerry - Rig-A Bridge

It’s Tom & Jerry!!! Can you imagine my happiness when I played this game? Maybe not, but can you recall your children’s faces while they watch Tom &Jerry cartoons ?Sure you can and you know how they look. All sparkly and happy, bright eyes, great smile on their cute faces and there is nothing in the world that can take away their attention from the screen.What do you do at that moment? 

There is nothing you can do actually but to seat next to your kid, nephew or niece or even your neighbor’s kid and join them.I know I do that with my niece.

Well, same thing will happen with this game. It is a great puzzle game where again your building abilities are at test. The object of this game is to build a bridge for Jerry to cross over the kitchen and get the cheese without waking Tom. We all know how Jerry is always hungry for cheese, so help him get more and more of it.To build the bridge you have some strange tools that can help you: a paper clip, a match, a yarn??? These are not building tools but when you try you will find out how fun it is using them.

There are 25 levels to play, 25 ways to feed the hungry mouse, each level is more interesting than the previous and all that is accompanied with a cheerful music that will make you dance while playing.
The characters of Tom & Jerry are so well animated, it’s almost like a real cartoon.

But what happens if the bridge falls down and you wake up the cat? Believe me, nothing that you haven’t seen before and if you like more fun, do wake Tom from time to time… see what happens, you can always retry the level. It would be unfair if I say that this game is only for kids. It isn’t because I haven’t met a single grown up that doesn’t enjoy Tom & Jerry’s cartoons and games. So both kids and parents can equally enjoy the game and I totally recommend it. Have tones of fun.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sleepy Grandpa Online Logic Game for all family

Play Sleepy Grandpa Game

Yes that’s right ,the name of the game is Sleepy Grandpa .I know what is happening now .There is a wide grin on your face and you remember your own grandpa fallen asleep in front of the TV or in his favorite chair and the only thing that comes to your mind is how to wake him in a funny way.

Well my dearest, this logic game is made for you .The most interesting part is that Grandpa is sleeping in the most unusual places and you are the only one who have to think about how to wake him up .But I must warn you…it’s not easy at all to do it.


This game requires thinking ..a lot of thinking….use your logics to build an interesting construction by using the given tools-wooden box, barrel and a board, place them so that the grandpa will fall over and he will be wide awake. The game consists of 20 levels and as you go higher you will find out that it is not quite that easy to wake the Grandpa.But that is the charm of this brain-teasing game.


Simple graphics, distinctive colours and the music additionally decorates the game but what is most important this game is strengthening your logic thinking, teasing your imagination and encourages your creativity. I warmly recommend this game especially for children of pre-school and school age. So, arm yourself with nothing but your brains and wake the Grandpa,its funny when he rolls down and mumbles.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Undeadified - Arrow Action Zombie Defence Game by BOKGames

Play Undeadified Game

Prepare yourself to save the city from the Undeadified, forget about pop-corn and snacks. Your fingers will be busy throwing the darts at the monsters that are coming up faster and faster each level-up. This is a very exciting game which requires full-attention and very fast fingers. The music is making the game even more attractive and when you hear the swooshy sound like popping a balloon, the funniest moment of all-you will know the monster is dead. 

By the way you make money for each monster destroyed to buy power-up’s that makes you stronger and more powerful…how cool is that??? .The city is saved and you are a hero.
Try this game-you won’t regreat it…it’s pure fun.