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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dress up Baby Hazel like Rockstar!

Wish warm welcome to the most beautiful Baby with Hazel eyes in one more adventure. The theme in today game adventure is Rockstar Dress up. Baby Hazel today for the first time will have her Rock show.

Baby Hazel is preparing to go on stage for her and present unforgettable amazing Rock Show. Baby Hazel has one wish and that is to become a famous Rock Star. Your task in this game to help her to do that and you can do that by giving her a perfect Rock Star Dress up.

Choose the coolest makeover and make this sweet baby to look like real rock star. You have available huge collection of wardrobe, so don't hesitate to try all of them. Mix and match all clothes and accessories. Enjoy dressing up Baby Hazel and give her a perfect Rockstar look.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sofia the First makes a Halloween Face Art join her!

Yuppie! Halloween is getting closer and closer. Are you ready for this creepy holiday? Did you decided which mask to do? If you still have not decided which mask you will make for Halloween eve and you want to look scary-sweet, than the same hesitation has our sweet Disney Princess Sofia the First. In this Halloween game we will give you a brilliant idea for some Halloween Face Art.

Sofia Halloween Face Art is an interesting Halloween game which is designed specially for babies and little children. Disney Princess Sofia the First wants to has a scary but cute Face Art for Halloween Night. In other words Sofia the First wants to show a spooky beauty. The best way to show that scary beauty is by doing the Face Art. Sofia has available five creepy masks.

As Sofia wants to go trick or treating through the whole Kingdom  so she wants to scare but to impress everyone. Halloween is a special night for our sweet Princess Sofia the First, so your task is to help her to design, draw and paint a Halloween Face Art for this special night.
If this is a first time for you to do a face art you my dear player will enjoy a far a lot of fun because this is a special Halloween Face Art. Pick your favorite mask, grab your paint brush and let's to a masterpiece.For each successfully done pattern you will get a extra points.  Give your best and earn as much as you can points.
Make sure that Sofia the First will have a original and unique Halloween Face Art. Sofia must looks creepy-sweet for trick and treating season so she will impress all kids for Halloween. This is amazing and creative Halloween Face Art game and i warmly recommend for all children for trick and treat season.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Baby Hazel in Halloween Castle

Hurray! Its Halloween season, everything around is in the sign of Halloween. Representative activities for festive Halloween are attending on costume parties, trick-or-treating, decorating, telling creepy stories, visiting Halloween Castle.....

As Halloween night is getting closer Baby Hazels teacher has arranged a visitation on Halloween Castle. The Halloween Castle is very big and its full with mystery rooms. It seems that behind every single door is hiding a lot of surprises and gifts.

Baby Hazel has stuck in this creepy Halloween Castle so now she needs your help my dear friend. Explore the whole Castle and find out what kind of surprises are hiding in each room and find Baby Hazels friends so she will not fell lonely.

Baby Hazels starts with exploration and the first room is the Tatoo Stall. Jake and Liam are also there hiding behind photo cutouts. Baby Hazel will trick them with Halloween Candies so they will show up. 

They will spend incredibly fun time together while they are waiting for Tattoo man to do a Halloween tattoos for them. But it looks like that they are very satisfied from the tattoos the look very happy.

In the next room Baby Hazel goes along with Jake. The room is full with Halloween costumes and accessories. As Baby Hazel ia very curious little girl she will want to try all available Halloween costumes, and yes she does. 

Baby Hazels spends very fun time here and she is overjoyed. Maybe the Halloween Castle is looking creepy but you must admit it's real pleasure spending time inside.

                 HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Learning Colors with Baby Lisi

Say warm welcome to the most beautiful baby with curly hair and blue eyes - Baby Lisi and join her in the new adventure Learning Colors. Learning Colors with Baby Lisi can be excessively fun and interesting so we will introduce to you the whole spectrum of colors of our colorful world.

Baby Lisi will amuse you by the colorful pictures which are making the whole learning process very entertaining. Baby Lisi will show you how on simple way you can match the colors with objects, so latter with no effort you can associate the colors with objects.

Baby Lisi is waiting you in the garden, would you like to join her? All over her are flying colorful balloons. Go ahead my dear partner and give Lisi exactly the balloon that she will ask for. But be careful pick that balloon that Baby Lisi thinking of. In front of Baby Lisi is green bag put the ballons inside.

Yuppie! It's time for shopping! Do you want to join her? Baby Lisi loves shopping because she loves to buy colorful clothes and there she can name colors. Go together with Baby Lisi and help her to choose colorful dresses, hats, glasses and shoes. Baby Lisi takes you to one more shopping adventure but this time is not clothes or something similar. 

Baby Lisi wants to enrich her aquarium and to buy new colorful fishes. Would you like to help Baby Lisi to choose the most beautiful and colorful fish. All items that Baby Lisi was asking for you put it in the bags. Do you remember which color that bags were?

I warmly recommend you this educational game because playing it you can learn all colors and you can practice your motor skills, in other words it has a lot of benefits and nothing to lose.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's Halloween making Crafts in Baby Hazel school

As its Halloween season and Halloween night is getting closer Baby Hazel's preschool teacher ask from her students to make a Halloween Craft. Tomorow is making Halloween Crafts for our beautiful little girl with Hazel eyes - Baby Hazel.

Baby Hazel needs to make a Halloween Crafts and to be dressed in a scary Halloween costume. Baby Hazel is very creative little girl and she has a brilliant ideas for Halloween Crafts but she will needs your help for designing a Halloween costume. Her cousin Ashley is also here to help. Be with our smart little girl and fulfill all her needs. Hurray, Halloween Crafts are ready for tomorrow. Now its time Baby Hazel to go for a sleep.

Good morning Baby Hazel! It'e time to wake up! Wake us gently our sweet baby and help her to do her morning routine. But beside that Baby Hazel needs your help to finish her crafts, dressing up in the beautiful Halloween costume and help her to put a Halloween make up. Ashley prepared a surprise for her precious cousin she bought a wounderful Halloween gift for Baby Hazel. Can you gues what? Yes, she bought a beautiful Halloween matching accessories. Baby Hazel is overjoyed about that.

When Baby Hazel arrives at school her friend are already there decorating the classroom with Halloween Crafts. Great! All the students participate in creating a wonderful Halloween atmosphere at school.
Baby Hazel will take a part in Halloween craft competition. Would you like to help Baby Hazel in makeing the best Halloween Craft? I warmly recommend you this game because it shows to little children that the holidays are very important and they encourage them to use their creativity.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dress up Baby Hazel like Princess

Maybe Baby Hazel doesn't has a royal predecessors but more than anyone she deserves to be treated like Princess at least for a day. 

Nevertheless Baby Hazel is our little Princess. Baby Hazel was invited to attend a Princess Dress up themed party. Hmm, Baby Hazel dressed like princess very tempting challenge i can say.

Baby Hazel is overjoyed about the party and she wants everything to be extra special but she has lack of time to prepare herself. So my dear kiddo, would you like to help this little Princess to look seamlessly?

The player task is to make Baby Hazel to look like real Princess for this occasion and you can do that by picking up one from the variety elegant princess dresses and accessories. 

Be Baby Hazel personal stylist and make her to look flawlessly.
Chose one of the six available hairstyles but besides the hairstyles you can chose different color and you have plenty available. 

Find the perfect and gracious princess dress but don't hesitate to try all of them. Mix-match with shoes and stockings. Accessorize with shiny diamond earrings and necklace.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Elsa Frozen is looking for a Flu Doctor

Let it go, let it go .....

Wish a warm welcome to the Disney's Frozen Princess Elsa also very well known as The Snow Queen. The Snow Queen from Arendelle have been born with a special powers. But even the special powers can't help to prevent against the flu.

''The cold weather never bother me anyway"
This is the famous Elsa phrase but that's not the case in this game. Poor Queen Elsa! She has a Flu. The player task in this game is to do everything that is in his power to help this beautiful Princess Elsa from Arendelle.
Elsas lovable sister also and her best friend Anna is here to help her but they will need your help to. So what are you saying? Would you like to help Princess Elsa to get rid of this awful Flu? Have on mind that the future of Kingdom Arendelle is in your hands. So don't lose time, start this wonderful game and cure Disney Princess Elsa. Start the medical treatment with checking  Elsa temperature and her hart beat, so you can give her a proper treatment.

Nasal spray and oxygen will help a lot for Princess Elsa to breath easily. "Conceal it, don't feel it, don't let it show"
says Elsa's Father. Nevertheless, when you have a flu you can't stop oneself from sneezing. So, stay away when Elsa sneeze she can freeze everything around her.

Furthermore, follow doctors tips and give your best so Princess Elsa will feel better. Once you heal The Snow Queen she can turn back to run the beautiful kingdom of Arendelle.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Baby Hazel has a Hand Fracture help her to recover rapidly

Oh, poor Baby Hazel! Bad day for our sweet little girl with Hazel eyes. She slipped and injured her hand badly while climbing up the chair. Maybe she fracture her hand. Baby Hazel needs a medical attention.

Baby Hazel was in playful mood as always. While Baby Hazel was drawing a picture she noticed that the colors are on the shelf. She climb up on the table but she couldn't keep balance and she felled down. Poor Baby Hazel! She needs urgent medical attention.

Go along with mom and Baby Hazel at the Doctor. The Doctor has confirmed that Baby Hazel fractured her elbow. The player task is to convince Baby Hazel to get a proper medical treatment.

Baby Hazel is in terrible pain but she is not pleased to take a medicine. The player assignment is to convince Baby Hazel to get her fractured elbow plastered.

When the fractured hand is plastered see what the Doctor have to say. Doctor will give some medical tips for speedy recovery. Try Baby Hazel to follow doctor advices.

As Baby Hazel can't move her plastered hand she needs your help more than ever. She can't complete her everyday routine activities. Be a good friend and perform all Baby Hazel needs. While you are helping Baby Hazel to freshen up mom will cook a delicious meal for her precious daughter.

While you are helping Baby Hazel to take a bath make sure her plaster cast to don't get wet. It's very hard to lie down comfortable with a plastered hand. Furthermore, as Baby Hazel can have a sleep remind her to make a exercises her fingers.

After a three weeks Baby Hazel visits a orthopedist again to check if her fractured hand is healed. As Baby Hazel was a good girl and she followed the orthopedist instructions her hand recover very fast.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Join Baby Hazel in the Beach Party!

Oh, that Baby Hazel, with the most beautiful Hazel eyes and pony tails. Baby Hazel wants to go everywere and to experience everuthing. We can say that her life is full with adventures, but by playing her games you are also living Baby Hazel's adventures. Baby Hazel Today will attend on a Beach Party.

Baby Hazel's cousins Elisa and Ashley are organazing a Beach Party. Speaking about Beach Party let's see how Baby Hazel is preparing for this wonderful occassion.

We must admit, Baby Hazel is a little bit confused about wardrobe collection. Her cousin Elisa came to help her but Baby Hazel will appreciate your help my dear player. You task is to choose the most beautiful trendy dress and mathcing accessories and pack all of that in her beautiful ladybug suitcase.

Her image would be complete if you do a manicure. Baby Hazels manicure should be with summer nail desing. Coose a colorful beach nail design.

Go along with Baby Hazel to the venue. Kayla and Ashley will waith for you there. It's so pleasant to at the beach. Fulfill all Baby Hazels needs and keep her happy and satisfied.

Decoration on the beach on occasion for the party is amazing. Join this beautiful angels on the drum beats. Let's danceon the drum beats!

After a drum beats dance the girls will be thirsty. Help Elsa is preparing a fresh juice and serve the girls. Dress up Baby Hazel in the beach dress and matching accessories and meet with the girls on the venue. There is a lot of things to do on the beach, one of them is making a sand castle.

Baby Hazel and Elisa will make a chicken on barbecue for feast. Yummy!

Hurray! It's time for the funniest beach game Tug-of- War. What do you think who will win, Hazels team or Kayla? Join them in sunbath and have unforgettable time. Amazing day on the beach, full with excitment and fun we must admit.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Treat Baby Elsa Skin Allergy

Hello little kids! Today we will present you one very interesting game with the Disney Princess Elsa very well known as The Snow Queen from the Frozen movie. Pricess Elsa loves cold weather but we must agree thet summer time it's not that cold right. So now because of the summer heat Princess Elsa has a skin allergy.

 Oh, poor Baby Elsa! She has a skin allergy. Look that cute face she is all exhausted and sad. We must help Olaf to treat her immediatley. So Baby Elsa will recover from the illness very fast.

The recovery treatment will start with applying a allergy cream on Baby Elsa face. Than, treat Baby Elsa by giving her a infusion. Princess Elsa can breathe much esyer if you give her a nasal sprey so do it. Next step are the eye drops and capcules.

This is very long proces of recovery but we must do everything so our beautiful Princess Elsa will fell better. Next step is syrup and the ohigen mask. Finaly, put injection and Princess Elsa will feel healthy and full with energy.

The recovery treatment is over so this sweet Baby Elsa is feeling wonderful. But we can do something else to help Princess Elsa to feel much better. Yes, it's time for makeover. Dress up Princess Elsa with a elegant and beautiful dress. Chose a shoes and beg which are suitable with the dress. On the end chose a perfect hair style. We must admit that this is very interesting game so get it started and have unforgettable time.