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Friday, August 22, 2014

Baby Hazel maintains Bathroom Hygiene standards

Good morning kidos! A new day has just begun. Baby Hazel just wake up and came in the bathroom to do her morning routine activities and to clean her belly. However, when Baby Hazel saw in which condition is the bathroom she was shocked. Whole bathroom was mess, the accessories are dirty and the washbasin is clogged. As we said the hygiene is very important for healthy life. Maintaining the Bathroom Hygiene standards we are protecting ourselves from illness. That is why across this game we will learn Baby Hazel how to maintain a Bathroom Hygiene standards. Furthermore, Baby Hazel needs to establish a hygiene manners.

Baby Hazel came to the bathroom to clean her belly. Oh, no! Baby Hazel slipped and felled in the bathroom. She may injure herself because it is messy and she throws her stuff all over the bathroom. Baby Hazels Bathroom is messy and it stinks a lot. With this amazing educational game we will learn Baby Hazel and the children all over the world regulary to maintain a good hygiene standards for a healthier life.

This brainy little girl started to clean the bathroom. She throw all the garbage in the dust bin. Wher Baby Hazel stared to wash her hands and face, another surprise was waiting for her. The washbasin was clogged. Your task my frien is to help Baby Hazel to uncloge the washbasin drain and than help her to clean it nicely. OMG, busy with work Baby Hazel forget abot her belly. Never control pasing of urine it may lead to another health problem.

In the next stage Baby Hazel along with her Mom will celan the bathroom accessories. Horibble smell has speading from the toilet. That is why Baby Hazel called her Mom to help her in cleaning the bathroom accessories. Be with Mom and Baby Hazel while they are performing a bathroom cleaning activities and fulfill all their needs on time.

The bathroom is clean now but Baby Hazel need a little bit refreshing. Prepare a nice bubbly tub and bath this cute little baby. Baby Hazel loves hers toys don't forget to put them in the tub. Use Baby Hazels favorite liquid shampoo and soap and clean her nicely. Than dress up Baby Hazel in her new beautiful purple dress. Prepare Baby Hazel, becouse maybe a new adventure is waiting for her right now. This is a wonderful educational game and every child should play it.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Baby Hazel Learns Colors encouraged Baby Hazel in learning process

Hello little ones! It follows a new educational adventure with the most popular Baby with Hazel eyes. Throughout the whole day Baby Hazel will explore colors with all its shades. Today through a fun-filed activities Baby Hazel Learns Colors and their names. The first activity is a sensational makeover doll set. The next activity is a preparing and decorating a rainbow cake. Finally, when Baby knows all colors she will paint a wonderful pictures.

Look this beautiful little girl with hazel eyes, she is in the playful mood as always. Uncle John has gifted to this cute baby a wonderful makeover doll set how she will easy master the  whole process of learning colors. Mom give a task to Baby Hazel to match a set of costumes and accessories. Baby Hazel just adore her new doll, she can play with her all day long. But now it's time for a new activity in the process of learning colors.

Baby Hazel along with her Mom are in the kitchen. As Baby Hazel pleaded that she is bored every day to milk, Mom had a brilliant idea. Mom made a strawberry milk for her precious daughter adding a strawberry cream in the milk. Baby Hazel was fascinated from mixing colors so mom got another brilliant idea. 

Today they will prepare a rainbow cake. For rainbow cake are necessary a lot of different colored frosting. Through the process of preparing a colorful frosting Baby Hazel will learn the whole process of mixing colors. Learning colors can be funny right my kidos! Everything depends from our creativity.

Finally, Baby Hazel knows all colors. That's why she decided to paint a picture. Just watch how creative is this smart little girl. She will use all necessary shades from the palette. But don't worry if some basic colors is missing Baby Hazel will mix shade. Baby Hazel created masterpise you must agree with me, but she wouldn't succeed without your help my dear kidos. I truly recomand you this educational funny game, because it will encourage your little one to use their creativity.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Baby Hazel School Hygiene Learning Hygiene Habits and Manners

It's always awesome to play with Baby Hazel. We are promising you that the following time you will spend playing with this cute Baby with Hazel eyes will be unforgettable. We will present you Baby Hazel School Hygiene. Hygiene is one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves from a lot of diseases. In this educational game all children will learn about hygiene manners. Since early age children need to establish hygiene habits. But the most important is to find out amusing way while you are taking care of personal hygiene.

This Cute little girl with pony tails just came from school. Mom clarify to her precious little girl  some healthy habits to keep personal hygiene. Mom wants to teach Baby Hazel on basics hygiene manners, so she suggests Baby Hazel to freshen up and change her dress as soon as she come back from school.

But Baby Hazel can't wait to play with her favorite toys and she forgets to use hanger to keep used dresses. That's why mom is here to remind her.

Look how happy is Baby Hazel with hers pink car. But also pays attention to hers lovable little brother Meet. She is very happy but now it's time for some serious matters. Mom checked Baby Hazels school organizer and she saw that tomorrow in Baby Hazels school it will be a school hygiene inspection. Be with Baby Hazel and help her to get ready for tomorrow inspection.

 Today in Baby Hazel School will be a Hygiene inspection. Wake up gently this little princess. It's time for morning activities. The best way to start your day and to fill you up with positive energy. Help Mom to prepare Baby Hazel for school. First, trim Baby Hazels nails. Than, comb her hair in a pony tails and put hers favorite pink pins. Help Baby Hazel to dress up, but be careful she must wear neat uniform. Polish her shoes, they must be clean and shine.

On the inspection day all kids are in the classroom waiting for the school inspection.
What do you think, will Baby Hazel satisfy her teacher expectation? That my dear friend up to you, but i don't have dubt that you will do everything properly and on time. Just interact with Baby Hazel and fulfill all her needs on time.

One little bird told me that Baby Hazel will get a star for brilliant student. I sincerely suggest you this fun and educational game. Just take care of your peronal hygiene and and you will be coolest kid in the whole school.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Elsa Bed Time Sweet Dreams Snow Queen

Let it go, let it go..... Are you guessing with which Disney's Character I will present you a game? Yes my dear friend, today I will present you an amazing baby game with Princess Elsa as we all know her  like The Snow Queen. After Princess Elsa exposed her icy powers in front of the people in the kingdom of Arendelle, she decided to build a palace of ice in the mountain only for herself. But now Princess Elsa is felling a little bit lonely.Would you like to keep her company until she fall a sleep?

Princess Elsa Bed Time is an extraordinary game as the Princess Elsa is. Do everything that you can to make Elsa happy and satisfied. Fulfill all her needs on time. Don't let Princess Elsa to cry. Improve that you are the best babysitter in the whole kingdom of Arendelle.

It's time for Princess Elsa to go to sleep. But first you need to set the bed for Princess Elsa. Set it nicely how Princess Elsa will felt comfortable in it. Make the bed perfect, how Princess Elsa will have a sweet dreams. Put all the pillows and blankets on the right place. Also don't forget to set Elsa's favorite toys, because latter you will entertain Elsa with them.
When you finish with bed preparation put Princess Elsa in it. Give to Princess Elsa her favorite toy a beautiful teddy bear. Cover her nicely with the blanket how she will not fell cold.  Elsas smiley face shows you how happy she is. Just look on that hart spinning around. That means that you have done a good work, princess Elsa is satisfied and happy.

It's time for good night story. Elsa favorite story is red riding hood. Read her favorite story carefully. Baby Elsa is afraid from the big bad wolf. Drag her attention from the story and entertain her with hers toys. When she will fell better contio\nue with the reading because the story have a happy end. Put some lullaby music on how it will help princess Elsa to fall a sleep.

Oh poor Princess Elsa! She has a nightmares from the big bad wolf. Pamper baby Elsa, give her a lot of kisses and hugs how she will fell better. Entertain her, play with hers favorite toys. When she will realize that this is only a bad dream help her to fall a sleep again.
You will agree with me that this is very interesting game and i truly recommend you. For me the song from the Frozen Cartoon Movie Let it go which is on the beginning on the game is very beautiful so to'd heard again i will play this game over and over again.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fun Sea Coloring Book Pages


Hello my little friends! Get ready for some fun. Today i will present you a wonderful and colorful summer game. There are no specific rules in this fun coloring game, only thing that you have to do is to use the wide palette of colors, use your creativity and paint all the pictures that are available.

Summer is the most stunning season which everyone eagerly awaits. But if you don't want to wait summer to come to your place than make the most incredible summer picture with which you will fell like its summer. However, you can color summer on your own way and you can mix colors as you want. Use the colors shown below but if this colors are not enough for you than on your left side you have option for more colors. You will find out available all shades of blue, green, red, yellow, brown, purple and pink. All you have to do is to grab your paint brush and to create masterpiece.

First, choose picture that you want to color. Maybe you will like to color that sweet happy dolpin swimming in the sea. Or the cute little turtle which is looking forward to cool down in the ocean. Perhapes you will like first to color a adorable little girl swimming with dolphin or cute little boy who is trying to learn how to swim. Or maybe whale which is enjoying in the summer sun. Choose whichever picture that you like to paint first.

I will leave you to surrender to your imagination and i'm sure that you will make a masterwork. Fell free whichever color that you like and wherever you like to use. Broaden your horizons and go beyond everybody's fantasy. Don't lose time start with painting and color this white pictures.
I truly recomand you this imaginative coloring game because encourages the little children to use their creativity. Also they will learn the whole new world of colors. Your little precious one will be with happy and smiling face all the time playing this summer coloring game and for that is worth living for. So my little Picasso as we already said grab your paint brush use your creativity and create a masterpiece. Make this world colorful, jolly and sunny. The fun is guarantee!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Baby Hazel Fancy Dress - prepare Baby Hazel for the Competition

Do you know why all children love playing Baby Hazel Games? The answer is very simple, because all Baby Hazel games are full with excitement. Are you ready for a new adventure with Baby Hazel?Do you think that you can multitask? Than Baby Hazel Fancy Dress is a perfect game for you. Baby Hazel Fancy Dress is an interesting game full with surprises. The most important task in this game is to keep Baby Hazel happy and satisfied through the whole game. Beside that, you supposed try to made the dress for the Fancy Dress Competition where Baby Hazel and her friends are starring.

For the first time this year Baby Hazel will be a part of the Fancy Dress Competition which will be held in Baby Hazels school. The theme of the competition this year is " Birds and Animals". After a long thinking our smart little girl got a brilliant idea to dress up as a peacock. Baby Hazel is thrilled about that. For this special dress Baby Hazel must buy all necessary supplies.

 Accompany Baby Hazel and mom to the shopping mall where they will supply all necessary materials for the peacock dress. Oh, look our beautiful little girl she is so delighted, she tried every possible mask in the shop. Be with Baby Hazel and Mom in the shop in case they forget some necessity.                                                      

Mom will tailor the peacock dress at home. Help Mom to design Hazels dress for the competition. Baby Hazel is also interested in helping Mom to design the peacock dress for the fancy dress competition. Look, how creative Mom and Hazel are. They designed the most beautiful peacock dress that I have ever seen. But you will participate along with Baby Hazel at tailoring the dress, by playing Baby Hazel Fancy Dress game.

On the final day help Baby Hazel to get ready for the competition. Be with Baby Hazel and fulfill all her nedds on time. Help her to apply make up how the costume will look more real and it will give a real shade of the peacock costume. Accessorise Baby Hazel with peacock accessories. Also put a peacock accessories on her hair. Wow!!! Baby Hazel looks so adorable in that peacock costume.

Baby Hazel and her friend will give you a nice educational performance, don't miss it. Enjoy in the play acted by Baby Hazel and her friends to safe endangered animal species. Which especialy got my attention so for conclusion i can say that loving and protecting animals is very important.