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Friday, September 26, 2014

Join Baby Hazel in the Beach Party!

Oh, that Baby Hazel, with the most beautiful Hazel eyes and pony tails. Baby Hazel wants to go everywere and to experience everuthing. We can say that her life is full with adventures, but by playing her games you are also living Baby Hazel's adventures. Baby Hazel Today will attend on a Beach Party.

Baby Hazel's cousins Elisa and Ashley are organazing a Beach Party. Speaking about Beach Party let's see how Baby Hazel is preparing for this wonderful occassion.

We must admit, Baby Hazel is a little bit confused about wardrobe collection. Her cousin Elisa came to help her but Baby Hazel will appreciate your help my dear player. You task is to choose the most beautiful trendy dress and mathcing accessories and pack all of that in her beautiful ladybug suitcase.

Her image would be complete if you do a manicure. Baby Hazels manicure should be with summer nail desing. Coose a colorful beach nail design.

Go along with Baby Hazel to the venue. Kayla and Ashley will waith for you there. It's so pleasant to at the beach. Fulfill all Baby Hazels needs and keep her happy and satisfied.

Decoration on the beach on occasion for the party is amazing. Join this beautiful angels on the drum beats. Let's danceon the drum beats!

After a drum beats dance the girls will be thirsty. Help Elsa is preparing a fresh juice and serve the girls. Dress up Baby Hazel in the beach dress and matching accessories and meet with the girls on the venue. There is a lot of things to do on the beach, one of them is making a sand castle.

Baby Hazel and Elisa will make a chicken on barbecue for feast. Yummy!

Hurray! It's time for the funniest beach game Tug-of- War. What do you think who will win, Hazels team or Kayla? Join them in sunbath and have unforgettable time. Amazing day on the beach, full with excitment and fun we must admit.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Treat Baby Elsa Skin Allergy

Hello little kids! Today we will present you one very interesting game with the Disney Princess Elsa very well known as The Snow Queen from the Frozen movie. Pricess Elsa loves cold weather but we must agree thet summer time it's not that cold right. So now because of the summer heat Princess Elsa has a skin allergy.

 Oh, poor Baby Elsa! She has a skin allergy. Look that cute face she is all exhausted and sad. We must help Olaf to treat her immediatley. So Baby Elsa will recover from the illness very fast.

The recovery treatment will start with applying a allergy cream on Baby Elsa face. Than, treat Baby Elsa by giving her a infusion. Princess Elsa can breathe much esyer if you give her a nasal sprey so do it. Next step are the eye drops and capcules.

This is very long proces of recovery but we must do everything so our beautiful Princess Elsa will fell better. Next step is syrup and the ohigen mask. Finaly, put injection and Princess Elsa will feel healthy and full with energy.

The recovery treatment is over so this sweet Baby Elsa is feeling wonderful. But we can do something else to help Princess Elsa to feel much better. Yes, it's time for makeover. Dress up Princess Elsa with a elegant and beautiful dress. Chose a shoes and beg which are suitable with the dress. On the end chose a perfect hair style. We must admit that this is very interesting game so get it started and have unforgettable time.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's Time for Swimming lesson with Baby Hazel!!!

Oh that cute little girl! Kids, Baby Hazel is here with one more new adventure. Baby Hazel life is full with adventures but by playing Baby Hazels games you are living that adventures too. Baby Hazel is very curious and she wants to learn and to know everything. Let's see how quick learner is this sweet baby.

Today she sow her BFF Mia how its swimming in the swimming pool I can say Mia is a great swimmer so Baby Hazel wants to become like her. As unckle James is amazing teacher Baby Hazel wants exactlly him to teach her. Yuppie! Baby Hazel is over thrilled about swimming lesson to be tought by uncle James.

Speaking about swimming lesson Baby Hazel must go prepared. However, before uncle James arriving our cute Baby Hazel should pack all essentials and safety gears for the swimming lesson. Your task my little friend is to help Baby Hazel to accomplish that. The first advice from uncle James was not to over eat before swimming.

Your next assignement is to help Baby Hazel to dress up in the swimming suit and gears before the swimming lesson start. Apply lotion on Baby Hazel to protect her gentle skin. When everything is ready uncle James wants to start with the swimming lesson.

However, we have small problem little kids. Baby Hazel is scared! Immagine our curious and bold little girl is scared. Thats why uncle James and you are here, to convince Baby Hazel to go in the swimming pool.

See now how happy is our smart little girl. James is starting with the basics of swimming. Nevertheless, make sure that Baby Hazel cautiosly follows uncle James swimming instructions. Additionaly, make sure that Baby Hazel is safe while she is in the swimming pool.

When Baby Hazel sow how her friend Kayla can swim she was more inspired. Baby Hazel will give her best to learn to swim like Kayla.

  In conclusion I can say that if you relly want something you must try hard untill you do it. Excuses will not achieve your goal. Have unforgettable swimming time with our Baby Hazel.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Welcome to Le Casa De Dora

Holla amigos! If you want to know where our brainy girl Dora lives, than you are on the right place. Dora wishing you a worm welcome in her beautiful family house. Doras house is open. In every single game Dora is exploring something now it's your turn my little friend to explor Doras house.
In this wonderful game you will find out which is Doras favorite room, where she eats or where she sleeps. Peek in each room in Doras house. You will learn a lot of new things about this smart little girl. Multityde of surprises and stars are waiting for you in the Dora house.
In the living room is mom working at the computer and what else you can see - a big box with Doras family music instrument. Here in the living room you will make a music.
So, go ahead now is your chance to create a masterpiece. Don't forget about stars. Keep your eyes open. Thay are hidding all over the room. When you will catch a star they will go into the star pocket.

In Doras bedroom you will find a lot of interesting things. You along with Dora will play a bingo. In addition, Dora will revel you a lot of costumes. We all know that Dora loves to explors. Evereysingle time she is in some new adventure, from all that adventures you will have a chance to try costumes. In the kitchen Doras Dad is waiting for you. He wants to teach you some spanish recipes. Choose which recipe Dad wants to cook for you. Help him to find all the ingredients and he will cook for you.
In the back yard Dora has a beautiful little garden.You need to help Dora to corp a flowes. Chose your favorite flovers and corp them. Through the whole game you will find out a lot of stars. Collect them and go in Doras bedroom click on Star Pocket to see and count how many stars you've colect.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fun Baby bubbly Bathing

Baby Bathing is one of the most popular game between little children. But we have to admit that we all enjoy playing this addictive and fun Baby Bathing game. That makes it one of the top games of all time.

Hello little friends! Welcome to a new Baby Bathing challenge. You will love this cute baby because simply she is adorable. So dear friend, get ready and start a new Baby Bathing adventure and have wonderful time playing with this cutie. 
This sweet little Baby loves to take a bath and splash all over the bathroom. Pamper this sweet baby and prepare for her unforgettable bathing time.
Nevertheless, be prepared this baby has a lot wishes. Take good care of her and make all of her wishes to become true. Make this darling happy and ready for the new adventures.

This Baby is very interested in playing with water so start this bubbly game. First thing that to have to do is to fill the tub with a water and to drag this baby ito the bath. Wash the baby with the soaps and shapoos which are in the closet next to the bath tub.
When you finish with bathing, take out the baby from the bath. Make this cutie to smell nicely by using parfeums from the closet. Dry her hair by using a hair dryer. Meanwhile, you can play the toys which are all over the room. As the baby is always in the playful mood, entertain her with her favorite toys. This cutie will be very happy.
When the baby is ready click on the hanger to dress up this darling. Try all available costumes but chose that one thet you like the most. Through all bathing and dressing up sesion keep this sweet little baby happy. Fulfill all her needs on time. Spoil this sweet baby and let her enjoy in a leisure baubbly bathing. Fell free to enjoy along with this baby.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Baby Hazel enjoys a Picnic as a start of Preschool Year

Today is the most happiest day for Baby Hazel. For the first time Baby Hazel along with her friends from Preschool will go on Picnic. In her school has portended a Picnic to the water park. As the preschool Picnic is a water park so our sweet little Baby is over thriled about that.
Truly stunning! However, Baby Hazel is not the only one who is over excited. Her BF Mia also can't wait to reach there. She called Baby Hazel to remind her to do her picnic packing. As the school Picnic is a
water park Baby Hazel needs to pack her bag with all neccissities that are recuired for the water park. Mom and Dad are helping their precious daughter Baby Hazel but it would be great if you join them and help Baby Hazel to pack all essetials and accessories that are needed to get weat in the water pools and slides.
Furthermore, Baby Hazel set everything to go to the picnic in the water park. She will be very gerteful if you can join them in the schoolbus drive and enjoy unfogettable funny moments with Baby Hazel and her friends. They will have a lot of fun playing intersting games. Pamper them and keep them busy by playing games with them and snacking.
Baby Hazel and her BFF Mia are enjoying the sun by the swiming pool while other classmates are getting wet in the water slides. But now it's time Baby Hazel to swim in the swiming pool. 

Baby Hazel and her BFF Mia went to dress up in their swiming costumes. Don't forget to apply lotion on thier body and serum on their hair as prevetion from the sun. Now they are all set to swim in the swiming pool and water rides.
 They all have a great time in the water park. Be with them while they are thriled in the water slides and swiming in the swiming pool and attend all their needs. This a first time for them to visit a water park so keep them happy. I tryly recomand you this fuuny game because it marks the end of summer and enjoying the start of School Year. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fun Baby Lisi Royal Bath Treatment

Hello kidos! Please give a warm welcome to the Baby with the most beautiful blue eyes and short curly hair. Are you guessing for who i am talking about? Yes my dear friend say welcome to the cutest girl in the whole word- Baby Lisi.  

This is a wonderful game which can be played by children and the aim of this game is nothing else but to make this sweet Baby Lisi happy. This fantastic baby bathing game starts with Mommy preparing Baby Lisi for Royal Bath.

As an elder sister Baby Lisi take care of her sibling and shows him graceful values and love. Mom is very satisfied and happy because of that and that's why she decided to indugle her preciuos little daugther and to prepare a surprise royal bath treatment.

Mom will give to this beautiful little Baby Lisi a lot of choices. She planed everything, first mom will prepare a tranquile atmoshere by makeing the bathroom with flowery aroma so darling Lisi can start a Royal Bath treatment. The luxiourious Royal Bath treatment starts with smooth massage. 

Apply fragrance body cream on Baby Lisi and show her care and affection. In the meantime you need to entertain Baby Lisi and you need to fulfill all her needs so she can enjoy her treatment to the maximum.

The next step in this fun baby game is getting Baby Lisi to the bathroom where the wonderful chocolate and milk bath is ready and is waiting for her. Mom thought of everything. As well she cooked a delicious meals especially for Lisi.

Let Baby Lisi to immerse herself in the chocolate water which is followed by milk water. Fantastic right, one half of the tub is with chocolate and another with milk water. 

Bath Baby Lisi in the both parts, spoil our darling Lisi and let her to enjoy chocolate bathing going along with a milk bathing so she can fell like a royal same like you will fell playing this game. So please fell free to enjoy along with Baby Lisi in the Royal Bath treatment.

When I said mom thought on everything i meant everything, so to finish this fantastic story and to make Lisi even more happier mom both glorious princess dresses and accessories especially for Lisi. 

Baby Lisi need some help by choosing a dress so your fashion tips will help this sweet little girl a lot. Add appropriate dress, accessories and shoes.