Friday, January 4, 2013

Pet Shop - Funny Kitty, Puppy Dress up, Bathing game for little kids

Play Pet Shop little kids game!!

Extraordinary game for kids. When I say this I really mean extraordinary for many reasons.
In the process of growing up, at a certain age every kid wanted to have a pet. A dog, a cat, a fish or a bird, even some exotic animal. The reason for this was mainly because a certain animal looked cute and was fun to play with. What we all didn’t understand at that time was that having a pet means a great responsibility.
This game is the right game to teach our kids about responsibility. Although here the choice is narrowed between a cat and a dog, first you must choose your favorite pet. Then you must take care of it. What does a pet need beside your unconditional love?

Well my sweet ones, as every other living creature it needs to be washed, needs to be fed and sometimes needs to be dressed .
So, go ahead choose your pet, give it a nice bubbly bath, dry it with a towel, comb its soft fur… you even have e deodorant. Then you must feed your pet. Here you have various foods and you know which food is good for your pet. At the end of the feeding process don’t forget to give your pet a nice bowl of water, they get thirsty too you know.
Finally there is a colorful wardrobe for your pet. Dress it up so it will be the cutest pet in the whole world.
You see, now you are a responsible person and your pet is satisfied, the unbreakable bond of love is established.

Responsibility is not the only thing you will gain from this game.
Creativity is something you also learn by making a various combinations from the pets wardrobe, be free to make the most adorable combinations and you both will be very happy.
Finally the most important thing you will learn from this game is to value and respect life, whether it is a human being, or an animal, an insect or a plant. Life is precious and I highly recommend that when your kids ask for a pet be sure to get them a pet, a real one or a virtual one like the ones in this game, you won’t be sorry.
Play this game, learn a lot and have a great time with your pet.

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