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Monday, November 20, 2017

Mystery Shack Mystery Skill Game for Kids

Mystery Shack Mystery is amazing game for kids and it actually is a skill game. Here you have the chance to play the role as Mabel or Dipper, which are siblings and spend a lot of time in the Mystery Shack of their uncle. 

Today is the day these brother and sister get stuck in the attic of this mystery shack and your job is to get them out of it. You have to find a lot of hidden objects and clues which will help you solve this very interesting puzzle game. 

I really think that you will like this game, so try it and just enjoy Mystery Shack Mystery!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Baby Lisi Christmas Cake Jigsaw Puzzle

Hi kids! Today is a great day to play puzzle game and this puzzle is just for you! We present you Baby Lisi Christmas Cake Jigsaw Puzzle game which is very easy to play, unless you decide to choose to play the hard mode. 

But yet again, even that one may be easy for you if you are good at assembling puzzles. Like i said, the game offers Easy, Medium and Hard mode and you have 5 pictures you have to assemble. 

The game is available for playing on PC, Android and IOS devices. Hope you will like it! 
Here are the links:

Monday, October 16, 2017

Baby Lisi Hospital Care Game

Checkout our NEW game Baby Lisi Hospital Care and try it yourself so you can take a good care of darling Lisi. Much Fun!!!

Oh my! Let me tell you what happened today kids. Being a person that looks after the things you have and own is very good characteristic. So, that is what Lisi does. She takes care of things and today, darling Lisi decided to take a good care of her lovely garden. 


The garden is full with trash and leaves and her wish is to plant flowers. Flowers look so pretty, don't you think? First she plant them, then she started watering the flowers and they started to grow. All of a sudden, Lisi starts to feel her eyes itching her and tears run down the cheeks!! 

Oh, no! Baby Lisi rushes to the doctor and they see that she has allergy! Now she is doing all the procedures that her doctor said she should do, so she can be better. And yes!!! Baby Lisi is doing so much better now, since all the medicines have worked.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Adventure of Baby Hazel Friends Forever

Baby Hazel Friends Forever is game for little kids and girls, however it is not what you might imagine about. 

This time you have the chance to play something very different from the typical Baby Hazel games because in this game you will not feed Hazel, you will not dress her in fancy clothes and you will not play with her toys. 

This time Baby Hazel has bigger problems. As she way playing with her best friends, villains came and abducted her close ones. 

Now your job is to help Baby Hazel save all of them by running, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles and animals that will come on her path. Definitely not what you expected and definitely interesting game. I enjoyed it a lot! Hope you do to!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - Multiplayer Virtual Fidget Spinner is now available at BestOnlineKidsGames.Com! Take the chance to play this relaxing game for kids and learn to be more skillful. In this multiplayer game, the objective is to enter the arena and battle other players with your fidget spinner and all that by collecting scattered dots.

The more dots you collect, the higher your RPM gets and the power you possess just increases. It is very important to pay attention to other spinners that are 4 times faster because they can instantly kill you with one collision.

The game also features Whirlpools and if you enter one, you get shot out at an insane speed. Use the Whirlpools for escaping and attacking also! 
Keep increasing your RPM and just enjoy this virtual fidget spinner!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Baby Hazel Cinderella Story

Now at, you can enjoy the most popular folk tale of Cinderella but this time with Baby Hazel!

She has enormous imaginations and the story of a young girl, named Cinderella lives through Baby Hazel

In this folk tale Cinderella is blessed with unusual happiness by the fairy godmother, but also with unkind and evil stepmother and two stepsisters. 

Watch magical transformation of Cinderella to a beautiful princess and see a prince who is trying to find the owner of the lost glass slipper in his kingdom.

This amazing PC and mobile game include dressing up Baby Hazel with royal outfits, hairstyles, crowns, necklaces, then different types of toys to play also flavored tea to prepare – milk, cranberry, cocoa.

You can also enjoy the variety of yummy treats and fruit juices which are served at the royal ball and many more interesting stuff! So kids, enjoy playing Baby Hazel Cinderella Story a life full of surprises and magic!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Run Ninja Run 1, 2 & 3!!!

If you think you have played a good Ninja Game I will say maybe, but... if you haven't tried Run Ninja Run, then, that sucks my friend. You don't know what you are missing!

Amazing graphics, actions and fighting to the max and levels which require a lot of agility. 

Do you think that you can overcome every obstacle and finish each level easy? I highly doubt that because this is very challenging game. 
No checkpoints! 
If you  stumble on the way, you have to restart the level and do your best to finish it. Be careful of other ninjas and avoid the massive creatures. You can not kill them.

Now you can try to be ninja in Run Ninja Run 1Run Ninja Run 2 and Run Ninja Run 3. These 3 installments are available and free to play on our site! 

If by any chance you can't or don't want to play the level you have stumbled upon, here are the cheats for the game:

3715 Full Skills
8295 More Gold
8789 Super Slash
6012 Skip To The Village
1180 Skip To The Mountains
7155 Skip To The Forest

Monday, April 3, 2017

Join the Vex Addiction - Vex 1, Vex 2 and Vex 3 on our site!

Now you can Join the Vex Addiction because Vex 1, Vex 2 and Vex 3 are available and free to play on our site! If you have no idea of what I’m writing about then my friend, you have made a big mistake.

The game is a must try!!! It’s just unbelievably fun and you will definitely improve your motor skills, not to mention shaking a bit your rusty the brain lol.

Start with Vex 1 and see how the game works. Each game has 9 very challenging levels and a lot of tricks. But the best part is that you have a lot of checkpoints. 

That means if you lose life, you won’t be back at start, but at the last checkpoint. The game is total addiction and you will enjoy it for sure, therefore don’t hesitate to try it. 
Enjoy the Vexation!!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

N.Y. Rex Action Dinosaur Game

The Raging T-Rex continues his trip through America eating people, smashing cars and wreaking havoc.

This Hollywood dino was captured in Los Angeles and taken to New York to be killed, however he escaped and now he is taking a bite out of the Big Apple ... and the people in it of course.

If you choose to play this game, know that your job as a dinosaur is to run through the heart of New York City, smash objects and cars, destroy helicopters, bite trucks and chomp on people for points! 

In fact, why won’t you eat everything in sight? Does it sound okay to you? If so, take the chance to play N.Y. Rex action game and if not, checkout and choose game for your taste. We have it all!

Monday, March 6, 2017

7 Dates: Second Date Game for Girls!

If you are into some dating simulation games then let me introduce you to the guys in this interesting game for girls. The name of the game is 7 Dates: Second Date and girls will absolutely love it. 

About the boys: Kenneth is a coach of a volleyball team, Frank is a musician and has a rock band. Daniel is the boy next door, Mustafa is the sports type, Jur is the French charmer, Doran is a model and Robin is the shy guy.

I do believe that you will find at least one boy who will leave you good impressions. The first step is to start chatting with the boys and find out which one of them matches your character. 

Choose sweet talk, jokes, ironic talks and as long as you are yourself then you can see which of these guys is meant to be your date. Enjoy girls!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Enjoy playing your Daily Mahjong!

Do you like playing Mahjong games? I surely enjoy this type of games because it strengthens my skills and to be honest, i really enjoy playing them. I love Mahjong! 

So, today i chose the HTML 5 game Daily Mahjong, where each day you have the chance to play different Mahjong and with that you get the chance to become better as i said before. You will train your eyes and learn the signs. 

If you finish the game in short period of time, you might even get bonus. Enjoy your Daily Mahjong as i have my friends and have e great week! :-)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Baby Hazel Supergirl Dressup

Baby Hazel Supergirl Dressup is cute game for girls, which can experiment with variety of clothes. 

You can try out many costumes for Hazel, such as Captain America, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Catwoman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn and many more costumes from superheroes and villains

From these pictures you can see just few examples and that is just a glimpse of what the game actually offers. Therefore, stop what you’re doing and just enjoy transforming Baby Hazel in many many superheroes!