Sunday, July 28, 2013

Baby Sick Day Cure Lucy

This is one of those days you wish never happened. A cute little baby woke up sick with fever. That is so hard and sad to bare but you have to be strong for the sake of the baby and try to make her sick day as easy as you can. You have to take a good care of her and take her to a pediatrician. The very thought of going to a doctor raises your hair up, I know, but what has to be done has to be done.
Baby Sick Day
O dear, look at those bright eyes, she doesn't feel well, she has a temperature and a mild cough. First thing you have to do is to measure the temperature and then take her to a doctor. Our baby is a brave little one but she must be seen by the doctor.

Don’t let her feel unsafe and scared so just follow her wishes while you are at the doctors. Keep her amused and give her every toy she wants to cuddle while the doctor is doing his job. Check her vital signs, take the stethoscope and check out her lungs.
Then again measure her temperature and give her a cough syrup in a little tea spoon. To sooth her a while give the baby a lollipop and then go on with the examination. There is a funny device at her right side that looks like a bear head, that is an oxygen and that will ease her breathing.
It is time for the most painful part, an injection that is necessary to make her feel healthy in no time. Just a little sting and that is all. Clean the place where the little wound from the injection is and put some ointment and bandage and she will be ok right away.

Take her back home again and keep her happy all the time so she forgets what happened previously at the doctor's. Play with the baby with all the toys she wants, give her a bottle of milk and do not leave her unhappy not for a minute.
The next day she will be good as new, cute and happy baby. 

The sick day will be soon forgotten thanks to your good care. Keep up the good job and remember the health is what matters the most.

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